Prayer Intentions & Votive Candles

Prayer Intentions: prayer is our life, our service to the Church and humanity.  If you have a prayer intention and would like the Carmelite Brothers to lend their prayers to it, please send your intention to one of the following addresses:

write to:
Carmelite Hermits
Annunciation Hermitage
1009 Oakland Ave. E.
Austin, MN  55912
or  e-mail:

Votive Candles: the Catholic custom of using candles is rooted in the Church ‘s teaching that Christ is the light of the world.  This is highlighted when we receive the Sacraments, but most especially in the Easter Vigil celebration on Holy Saturday evening.  Its roots also extend back to the Old Testament when, in Exodus 27:20, God told the Israelites that a lamp was to be kept lit before His presence in the Tent of Meeting at all times.  Today we do the same thing with the red vigil lamp perpetually lit before the tabernacle, signifying the Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament reserved there.  Our candles represent our prayers – burning before the Lord seeking His mercy and divine help.

To request votive candles, please open and print this form, fill it out and send it to us with your prayer request and offering.  Thank you, and may God bless all your prayer intentions.

  Prayer Intention Form (pdf)