Carmelite Coffees

Carmelite Coffees is a new line of gourmet blend coffees for every contemplative taste; price is per 12 oz. bag plus shipping. Minimum order of 2 bags.

All blends are available ground; only Carmelite Blend is available in whole bean and decaf.

For information about wholesale pricing of Carmelite Coffees, please contact Carmelite Coffees at .

  • Carmelite Blend - our Premium Signature Blend, intense in every category; heavy body and sharp acidity enveloped in a smoky flavored dark roast. The coffee lovers coffee. This blend is also available in Whole Bean and Decaf.
  • Arbor's Rest - Premium Breakfast Blend, a blend of Central and Latin American coffees, cinnamon roasted. The taste is low in body, subtle in flavor with a slight snap for acidity.
  • Prior's Own - Premium French Roast, and Carmelite Coffees' darkest roast. Blackened in appearance, these beans give a deep smoky flavor and a smooth finish on the pallet.
  • Brother's Best - Full bodied taste with just a hint of smoke.
  • Cloister Choice - Smooth, medium body, certified Fair Trade Organic Coffee from Guatemala.
Due to shipping expenses, we require a minimum order of 2 bags of Carmelite Coffees.

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$7.95 on purchases of $20.85 - $35.00
$9.95 on purchases of $35.01 - $50.00
$10.95 on purchases of $50.01 - $100.00
$12.95 on purchases over $100.00

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